wenling newimpetus casting & machining co.,ltd is located in xiacheng industrial park wugen town Wenling city Zhejiang Province ,it is a member units that casts association of Zhejiang Province.the unit up to standard of the Department of Agriculture township enterprise. Our factory specializes in the production.process
    possession advanced production and checkout equipment of gray mouthfuls of casting iron.nodular cast iron.alloy casting iron.stronger technical force. Particularly in the production.processing of pumps  pump casting bodys,motor housing,casting parts  have the long history abundant experience.The products have already been exported to such countries as U.S.A.ltaly. japan. Germany. indonesia.Aus,etc.It insist on our factory"based on letter",quality first"policy,that it is"afraid of not there will be marketing to establish,the faith that afraid of having no quality"。


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